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Barrier Washer Extractor

Barrier Washer Extractor

Barrier Washer is an internationally - used laundry equipment which can prevent cross-contamination of hospital linen washing.
• Two doors design separate soiled and clean side for anti-contamination environment.

(Perfect for cleanroom and healthcare laundry)

• Parts in contact with water made of SS304 stainless steel.

• Automatic door system

• Frequency inverter drive allows variable speed setting.

• Automatic computer control program, with full Chinese and English man-machine dialogue interface, easy to understand, easy to operate.

• Automatic start-stop temperature adjusting device improves thermal efficiency, temperature upper limit protection switch, soft start, more convenient for medical disinfection, temperature control.

• Standard cold and hot water inlet valves and one drain valve.

• Direct steam injection heating.

• Automatic brake stop function

• Automatic soapbox compartments*3

• Sight glass to view the inner drum.

• Heating way: steam heating
Capacity 容量kg50100120
Drum Diameter    滚筒尺寸mmΦ800x1050Φ900x1470Φ1000x1500
Compartment 间隔/222
Motor Power 电机功率kw5.51111
Inverter 变频功率 7.51515
Speed 速度  35-68035-68035-680
Steam Pressure 蒸汽压力  0.4-0.80.4-0.80.4-0.8
Net Weight 净重kg170023002800
Overall Size 外形尺寸mm 1900x1400x20502100x1850x22002200x1900x2300
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