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Tumble Dryer

Automatic Tumble Dryer is suit for Hotels, hospitals to wash the bed sheets and bed cover. It is save lobar and save time to take care of the machine.
• Using stainless steel as the inner drum to reduce fabric wear.

• Optimized design of heat dissipation and fan, large size heater, fast heat exchange, high utilization of heat energy, fast heating, short drying time.

• The drum with high density ventilator ensures sufficient heat to pass through the linen, which can be fully dried in a short time.

• The large-diameter loading and unloading door is used for convenient loading and unloading of clothes. The design of the doorway adopts the design of reverse overpass to avoid pulling the linen. The safety interlock ensures that the machine will stop running when the door is open.

• Independent industrial computer control can precisely set the time and drying temperature of the dryer, computer controller with two touch button design, which is flexible and reliable in operation.

• Large-area plush collection net, dust-proof net machine, adopts drawer-type structure, can be cleaned when pulled out, large-area through-hole rate ensures the smooth flow of the air duct, large-diameter fan blades are not easy to block the plush, and the equipment is simple to operate. High heat conversion efficiency.

• Heating way: Steam heating -GZZ, Electric heating-GDZ, Gas heating -GQZ
Capacity 容量kg1525405070100
Drum Size 滚筒尺寸mmΦ630x600Φ790x630Φ970x970Φ1050x970Φ1180x970Φ1400x1070
Motor Power 电机功率kw0.550.751.
Fan Power 风机功率kw0.550.751.
Electricity Heating Power
Steam Pressure 蒸汽压力Mpa0.2-0.60.2-0.60.2-0.60.2-0.60.2-0.60.2-0.6
Steam Consumption 耗蒸汽量kg/kg16.527.5445580110
Net Weight 净重kg380450550650720750
Overall Size 外形尺寸mm750x800x1500920x1050x17001100x1450x20001150x1500x21001290x1750x22001750x1530x2400
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