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Comparison of traditional industrial washing machines and optimized configuration washing machines

  • Date:2022-07-26 15:47:30
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The traditional washing machine has a high water-to-bath ratio, water consumption, steam consumption and chemical dye consumption.

However, the traditional washing machine dyeing effect cannot be denied.

In this case, we make improvements and optimizations on the washing machine to adapt the washing machine to the status quo.


1. Optimize the distance between the inner tank and the outer shell

Reduce the distance between the inner and outer tanks of industrial dyeing machines, so as to save water, steam, dyes, and detergents

The water saving can be seen intuitively in the picture below.

Water consumption comparison diagram

2. Flow meter

Control the amount of water entering the machine. In the dyeing process, the amount of water should be strictly controlled, and the amount of water will directly affect the overall dyeing effect.


3. Inverter

It can protect the motor and adjust the speed during jog operation. During the dyeing process, the rotation speed needs to be adjusted according to different needs.

The depth of dyeing of the goods can be adjusted by controlling the speed of the drum

Due to the working principle of the inverter, it can save electricity


4. Steam pipe indirect heating

During the whole dyeing process, the temperature can be kept constant in the required execution range.

If the steam directly enters the dyeing bin, it is easy to cause uneven dyeing of the goods, and the stable dyeing quality cannot be guaranteed.


5. Air drain and air brake

Easier operation can be achieved.

Pneumatic drainage: can quickly respond to drainage commands

Pneumatic Brakes: Provides greater stopping power, helps align the two doors and reduces unloading time


6. Large capacity tank

In traditional washing machines, if you need to add dyes or enzymes, you need to open the door to add them.

Equipped with a material tank, it can be directly pumped into the inner tank, and there is also stirring in the material tank, so that the dye can be fully stirred before entering the inner tank to reduce color difference.

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